mindful closet clients are a diverse group of people seeking help with their style and a more mindful approach to shopping.

They are male, female, tall, petite and plus-sized.

They are college students,  professionals, stay-at-home moms and retirees.

They struggle with cluttered closets full of things they don’t actually like, major life transitions that require new wardrobes, finding clothes that actually fit and overcoming overwhelm at the store to figure out what to buy.

They run from totally in love with fashion to completely uninterested; totally in love with shopping to hating it so much they’d actually prefer someone else do it for them; and totally happy with their bodies to utterly frustrated with how their clothes look and feel.


49% of them have worked with me in the past and keep coming back.

For others, a few sessions was all it took to permanently educate them on the best way to shop and get dressed. The approach, which may seem simple, is focused on shifting from an impulse-driven, mindless consumer to a strategic, stylish, and most importantly, mindful consumer.

Learn more about the mindful closet process and how to work with me here.