I'll admit (although I'm not supposed to), I was a bit disappointed when I found out I was having a boy. Of course, I'm completely happy now that everyone's healthy and happy. I had been kindof looking forward to dressing a girl. Clothing choices are a bit more limited for baby boys, but at the same time, it's ok, because I wasn't going to be into super pink frou-frou stuff for girls anyway, so it would have still taken some searching. 

Click image for sources

Click image for sources

Baby clothes, as cute as they are, are something that are used for such a short time that it seems ridiculous to spend much money on. Above is a collection of some of the clothes I came across online that I really loved -  no surprise, I'm envisioning a French baby as I shop. However, the prices on these are crazy, up to $100 or more for some of them - again, for things they'll wear for months! Finding things secondhand is going to be the way to go for me.

Here's an assortment of some of the things I've found so far at thrift stores, which are close enough to the fancy stuff for me. The most expensive thing in these (bad iPhone) pictures are the shoes, which were $4. Most things were $1 - all infant clothing at the Goodwill is $1 per piece. 

PS those are baby Carhartts in the bottom left corner!

Many of the items still have tags on, and the rest (well, actually all of them) will get a few good hot water washes. I have not had great luck finding secondhand maternity wear, but perhaps because babies go through so many sizes so quickly, there's a huge amount of really good stuff out there. 

The absolute best day of thrifting baby clothes was when I got the pile of stuff above at the Goodwill outlet - 21 pieces for $2.84!! That's 13 and a half cents per item - crazy!  Cheap and giving new life to still useful things.

What do you think? Would you buy secondhand things for your baby?