I've mentioned it already, but I really hate the cold. I'm always cold, and for some weird reason, I'm really cold much earlier than usual this year. So this post is about a level of layering that I usually don't have to utilize until January or February, but because of some unusually cold spells we've already had here in St. Louis, has already been put into action. Hopefully these tips are useful to some of you, and I'll be using them again this weekend when the temperatures drop into the teens.

dressing for the cold weather st louis personal stylist

Thanks to a maternity-wear suggestion by Carmen on this post, I started my layering with a Gap maxidress and a favorite necklace. Underneath, I'm actually wearing Cuddl Duds long underwear, but tights would also be sufficient. I like Cuddl Duds because they have a silky outer layer, making it easy for for pants and tops to slide on over. For the real cold, I like wool tights like these. Look for something with a high wool content and high dernier count. The higher the dernier, the tighter the weave and more opaque the tights. The higher the amount of wool in the tights, the warmer they'll be. I'm also wearing suede knee high boots - even more warmth and layering!

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Another comment on the maternity wear basics post, this one by Annemieke, inspired me to add this wrap top, which I found at Red Racks thrift store recently. It would be a little short for normal wear, but for pregnancy and over a dress, it works well. For even colder weather, I would totally add a Cuddl Duds v-neck top underneath. Since I like to wear things with three quarter sleeves, I've actually cut the sleeves shorter on some of mine. 

how to layer

Next, I added an old fleece vest from the Gap.

how to dress for cold weather st louis personal shopper

Over that a leather jacket. I've had this one from Banana Republic for over 10 (!) years. It was $200, which seemed like an exhorbitant amount to me at the time, but it's certainly been worth its cost per wear. I'm holding it in awkwardly to pretend I still have a waistline.

layering for cold weather st louis personal stylist

Of course, a scarf. On top of all of this, I added a coat and gloves before leaving. I hate wearing a hat (it messes up your hair, don't you know) so I wear earmuffs like these that go behind your neck.  

So that's it. A lot of clothes. What do you think? Are these tips helpful? Is this overkill, or do you need this much extra warmth too?