I may have a problem with striped shirts as evidenced by the photo below. However, they're something I always feel good in - comfortable but not sloppy. 


While I'm visiting family, my sister and I ran out to pick up a few new items of clothing for my mom. FYI, if you're looking for a cheap but well-fitting pair of skinny jeans, there are several good options at Old Navy. We got my mom this pair and they fit her perfectly.

While we were in Ann Taylor LOFT, I saw this top. Yes, I have a lot of striped tops, but they actually do get worn out, and besides, I've gotten rid of a couple of the ones in the photo above. This one is made from a thick fabric with a bit of structure. In the store, it was on sale for $24.99, with an additional 40% off, so it came in at around $15. Not bad!