I grew up in Mobile, Alabama, but my mother is from Los Angeles, and we visited her family often. I always thought everything and everyone in L.A. was so glamorous and even kept notebooks of all of my observations.

my grandma helen with my grandpa ralph

my grandma helen with my grandpa ralph

One of the things that made L.A. so glamorous was my grandmother, Helen Goldman. As early as I can remember, when she asked me what I wanted for my birthday, my answer was always "a shopping trip with you". We'd usually go to the Bullock's in Westwood
(which is apparently a Target now?!)


My grandma was the first person I knew who had a distinctive personal style. She only wore navy, black, white, and accents of red. She wore blue and white button down shirts. Every day, she either wore a silk scarf or a beautiful necklace. She rarely wore prints or any other colors besides her staples. Her style was simple and classic.


My grandma passed away in 2007, but hopefully a tiny bit of her fashion sense lives on in me.