While I was visiting my sister recently, she made a comment referring to "mistake purchases" and I knew exactly what she meant. There are things that you try on and even though you have to make justifications, you buy anyway. Maybe you're bored or need a lift or you have sale brain. We all do it, the thing to do is admit it and move on - which means getting those things out of your closet. I spent most of yesterday listing some of my own mistake purchases on ebay.  I'm on a budget while still looking for some "wish list" items, so I could use the extra cash. All the pieces I'm selling are really great items, they just didn't work for me. The khaki trench is slightly too big for my frame, the navy dress is more "bombshell" or "american classic" than my style, the fuschia shift is a bit bright for me, etc, etc. If you're interested, here's the link to all of my listings.