After I started reading Franziska's blog, I decided to start tracking my monthly clothes spending. It may have been because it was the month after I starting blogging about clothes, or because I had spring fever, or some combination of the two, but I did A LOT of shopping in the month of April. The good news: I didn't go over budget. The (not so) bad news: I spent hours returning things I bought and decided against.

What was my budget? Well, my husband and I recently implemented the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover plan. In our budget, we each have $100 per month for clothing (his will get spent all at once once a year). We each also have $100 of "blow" money, money that would go towards frivolous purchases like magazines, random toys, pedicures, etc. I decided I'd save my blow money for clothes this month. I also sold some clothing on ebay, which netted me $77, so in all I had $277 to spend.

Here's what I bought and kept:

1) A black trapeze dress similar to the one in this photo - thrifted, $6
2) Spring Festival Necklace - Madewell, $38
3) James Jeans Twiggy Legging - Shopbop, $91 after discounts
4) Leopard print cross body bag, similar to this one, but in canvas - thrifted, $7

Total: $142

The really interesting part is what I bought and returned:

1) N. Peal cashmere sweater - The Outnet, $154
My uniform in the winter is a cape-y sweater with skinny pants, and the one I currently have is from Forever 21 and is showing its cheapness. I thought that this sweater would be worth the price for the quality and the amount of wear I would get from it. Unfortunately, it was "one size fits all" and this one size did not fit me. The width of the sweater was about four times the width of my body. It went back.

2) Zero + Maria Cornejo Ilse blouse - ebay, $150
This one wasn't really a return. Maria + Zero Cornejo is one of my very favorite designers, but I haven't been able to afford anything of hers. I was watching this top, which I've had on my Pinterest board for months, on ebay. The top originally retailed for $495, it was on auction for $75, with a "buy it now" of $150. I stupidly thought I would see if I could wait out the auction and get it for less than the "buy it now" price. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Someone else was NOT stupid, and snatched up the piece before the auction ended, for the very reasonable price. I completely missed out and I'm kicking myself.

3) Tee - Madewell, $32
I saw this tee on Lauren's blog and loved it. The fit was great, but it is quite sheer, and one of my hard and fast rules is to not buy pieces that need extra layers underneath because I always feel uncomfortable when I wear them. 

4-7) Various summer sandals
I cleaned out my basement last weekend and pulled out my summer stuff that was in storage. I'm pretty happy with my current rotation of sandals and decided I really didn't need any new ones. None of these pairs was perfect.

8-9) Other jeans I tried from Shopbop that didn't fit.

10) Metallic plate belt - Zara, $25
I really like the idea of this belt, and I have a photo pinned to my pinterest board which is similar, but the plate itself didn't really conform to the curve of my waist, so it looked awkward.

You can see that if more of these pieces had worked out, I would have had some serious decision making to do or would have gone way over budget. For May, when I roll over what I didn't spend this month, I have $235 plus my $100 blow money to spend. I'm still working on my wish list, so I'll keep an eye out for those items. I also have a trip to California over Memorial Day weekend and I always like to shop while traveling.

To see how other budgeting bloggers did, check out the April post on Franish. Do you have a monthly clothing budget? How did you do?