I guess the effects of all of my recent personal styling, closet making-over, and wardrobe consulting have been felt at home. Recently, my husband got inspired to clean out his own closet.

Dave collage 1.jpg

Clockwise from left: the before - it doesn't look terrible, but there is clothing just piled on shelves and nothing on hangers. During: having a clothing rack available to put everything on during the process is really helpful. You can actually see everything you're dealing with. Also during: note our adorable Yorkie, Bruiser, attempting to take a nap.

I honestly didn't really help much on this one, except for one suggestion. I thought it might make sense to move the shelves from the center of the closet to the outer edges so that the hanging racks would be more accessible. I also helped with a second opinion on the "maybe" pile. Most of the "maybe" items were things that were good quality, but hadn't been worn in years, so out they went.

Dave closet after 2.jpg

Didn't it turn out well?