I have lots to catch up on the blog, but I wanted to write a quick outfit post...

I wore the same outfit to a good friend's wedding last summer and really liked it, so what's the harm in repeating? This dress is actually a dressing gown/robe from Forever 21. I belted it with a thrifted beaded belt over a thrifted nude slip and paired it with Jeffery Campbell snakeskin pumps that I bought secondhand with store credit from reselling clothes. Total cost of my outfit: about $30.

photo (6).JPG

My husband looked pretty sharp too, right?! He's wearing a suit we had custom made for him via Indochino.com. They cut out the middleman, so the suits are surprisingly affordable, and they reimburse you for a certain amount of local tailoring. I highly recommend it!

photo (7) - Copy.JPG

Of course the true fashion stars of the day were the stunning (I mean - stunning!) bride and groom. Wishing them many happy years ahead!