How many of you are watching Resale Royalty? It's a reality show focusing on a designer resale store right here in St. Louis called Women's Closet Exchange. The show is great - plotlines revolve around clients who come into the store to sell clothing and accessories, events the store does with local St. Louis fashionistas, and closet buys the owner Sue and her daughters Diana and Laura go on.

I usually DVR the show and watch it later in the week.  It just so happens that I live about 5 minutes from the store, and when you combine that with watching the show and thoughts of what goodies I might be missing out on, you end up with me running out for a fix.

womens closet exchange st louis personal stylist

This was the result - a Michael Kors beaded maxi dress. Although I may have been a teensy bit influenced by suggestion and proximity, shopping secondhand is such a good approach (ethical fashion, etc) that I don't feel too bad about it.


I have no doubt I'll be wearing this dress throughout the hot St. Louis summer - in fact, I wore it out two nights in a row after buying it! It's always a good sign when you can't stop wearing something...

Check out Women's Closet Exchange for yourself and let me know what treasures you find! (PS there's a 5% discount for paying cash, so hit the ATM on the way!)