The first week back from a vacation is always crazy right? I've been catching up on all sorts of things, but somehow I still found time to read some of my favorite blogs and do a little shopping... 

My friend Dana and her friend Leigh have been raving about a t-shirt dress (top left) from Target, and when I went to check it out online, I got sidetracked by all these other cute dresses! Click the image to link to the sources for each one.

Of course, you have to be careful when shopping fast fashion like Target, so you don't end up with things you won't wear or that fall apart. Penny Pincher Fashion has a great post about how to best shop fast fashion - check it out here.

My long-awaited guide to thrift stores in St. Louis (what? you haven't been waiting?) will go up on Monday, but in the meantime, check out these thrifting tips from Macklemore (of "Thrift Shop" fame) .

Tips on intentional shopping from Natalie Dressed

If you'd like to read about more than clothes (gasp!) check out Camille Styles - a great all around lifestyle blog.

Happy Friday!