Baby or no baby, this is my standard casual winter uniform: chunky sweater+skinny jeans/pants/leggings+boots. Depending on the weather, long underwear underneath it all, of course ;) I've had to dress up more than this for the last couple of weeks, so I'll be living in it this weekend.

I'm wearing Old Navy maternity tee, Zara sweater - on sale now!, Old Navy maternity leggings, and Steve Madden bootsI've been living in these leggings, so much so that when I saw another pair of them at a consignment store for $5, I picked them up too. I've had the boots for years and I'm always surprised on how many compliments I get on them - they're way on sale now too! Something else - does anyone still think that black and brown together is taboo? I see it all the time, love it, and think that that rule has gone the way of the "match your purse to your shoes" rule.

On another note, I just finished a big project and feel the need to reward myself by shopping. The thing is, when I stop to think about it, I REALLY don't need anything. Anything I would buy with this impulse would probably get worn once or twice and then purged in the next few months. So, I'll do a little online window shopping and pinning, and take a nap. That's what I really need :)

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