While the weather is still trying to decide whether it's going to warm up or not, my preferred neutrals are lightening up. Just as I love black, more black, and denim in the winter, I love the simplicity and freshness of a great white blouse with denim in the sunnier months.

I just had to include my new thrifted basket in the photo - it's Nate Berkus for Target, new with tags on, from Goodwill. It's going to be great for corralling kid gear.

I ordered this top from Asos on Cyber Monday, not really thinking that it would be four months before it was warm enough to wear it. Here, I'm wearing it with thrifted jeans, a thrifted necklace, and Old Navy booties. When I was trying on the top, I had a few hesitations. Because of the weight of the draped panel, the neckline gets pulled unevenly to one side. Also because of the draped panel, it's hard to layer with jackets or sweaters, which prevented me from wearing it during the cold weather.

I generally recommend against buying anything that you have doubts about. If I had the choice again, I might not have purchased the top, but it's nice to have an interesting option in these last couple of months, when it's starting to feel as though my options are disappearing. What do you guys think?