Emerson Fry is a line that was started (as Emerson Made) in 2009. In the beginning, the line was small and Emerson herself was the model as well as designer. This image has been one of my favorite style inspirations since I saw it (I believe this is the "mod" dress from
Spring 2011).

emerson fry mod dress

As the line has grown, she's added more and more classic, simple, and beautiful garments. They all seem as though they'll never go out of style. Currently, I like the Drawstring Raglan Dress and the Italian Motoretta Dress (below).

Another look I love, and one that is super popular around the interwebs is the Caftan Dress (below, left).

I was looking at it recently when I realized that I had something extremely similar bookmarked on Amazon (above, right). Same cut, made in the same country (India). I wouldn't hesitate to invest in one of Emerson Fry's chic dresses, but for this guy, I think I'll pay $25 instead of $238.

This is more boho than my usual style, but I feel like I lean a little more boho in the summer - it's hard to pull off in the snow, amiright? Does your style change from season to season?