You know how it goes.

At our baby shower, my mother-in-law thoughtfully sent a gift for me as well as the baby. It was a great Eileen Fisher tunic, which I loved, but unfortunately was too small (both in current state and before). Since it was no longer available in the size I needed, I exchanged it for this Neiman Marcus silk-cashmere poncho, which is even more on sale now than when I bought it! I didn't realize when buying it that it was a true poncho, with no sleeves to speak of, but I really love it. It's soft and comfortable, and of course my favorite aspect - it will work now and after pregnancy.

Neiman Marcus poncho, Old Navy leggings, Steve Madden Intyce boots, Target tunic tank, NYC street vendor necklace

This was such a comfortable outfit. I started with the boots because of the rain, and you can't get more comfy than leggings and (basically) a blanket! I don't think I've mentioned these tanks yet, but they are amazing. It's the tunic length tank from Target, and they're perfect for covering and smoothing the stomach/hip area and for covering your tush while wearing leggings. They're not maternity, but I've been wearing one pretty much every day.

Oh, and apparently something my husband did while taking these photos surprised me...