...I'm getting to the point where none of my clothes fit anymore. It usually takes me a week or so to get around to posting my outfits, and something crazy has happened since I took these photos. Or maybe it's just the black dress.

These photos were taken when I was about 34 and a half weeks pregnant. I don't feel  much different, but when I look at photos taken in the week since, I look so much bigger. It actually surprised me to see it. On top of that, overnight I've become extremely uncomfortable in clothes. Basically, I don't want anything touching my skin. My maternity jeans don't fit anymore, ditto for pants, and I'm down to 2 or 3 dresses that fit and I don't feel horrible in. It's funny, I was sailing right along, thinking, "oh, this whole pregnancy thing is easy!" and then this hit. Isn't that what always happens when you think you've got everything figured out? I have a feeling I'll be putting my minimalist wardrobe philosophy to the test in these next 4-6 weeks, trying to work with the same few articles of clothing that still fit.

Back to the outfit - I wore this to speak to a Moms of Toddlers group about easy ways to be stylish while chasing after little ones. It was a fun group to work with, and I'll turn my presentation into a blog post at some point. The dress is from Old Navy (also worn here and various other times), the cropped trench is from H&M several years ago, the scarf is from Target, and the boots are old Nine West.

You'll have to stay tuned for the extra large belly photos. In the meantime, any advice for me?

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