The baby boom amongst my friends continues, so I thought I'd blog about a few of the things that got me through my pregnancy. 


top row:

Oddly enough, even though I'm obsessed with coffee, the nausea in the first trimester turned me off to it and I didn't miss it too much. When I did want a warm, wintery beverage, I drank decaf chai with vanilla almond milk and honey. Did I mention I acquired a raging sweet tooth?

For getting by in situations that required more than leggings, a simple black maternity dress came in really handy. Mine was Old Navy

As my pregnancy progressed, I felt like I actually needed to hold my belly up. It also put a lot of strain on my back, especially if I was out and about for a while. The Upsie Belly made a huge difference. Plus it has a little pocket in the back in which you're supposed to put a heat pack, but which was just perfect for my iPhone!

These tunic tanks, which I wore constantly, are long enough to cover your bump and your bum.

The afore-mentioned leggings, which were indispensable.

bottom row:

In addition to the usual back pain, I also had SI joint pain (no biggie, just my pelvis pulling apart. just kidding, it sucked.) Epsom salt baths were one of the only ways to get a little relief.

Apparently, you can put all the oil on your belly you want and it won't make a difference since whether or not you get stretch marks is hereditary. I didn't let that stop me, and used this oil the whole time. And...I didn't get stretch marks! Of course, neither did my mom or sister, so there's that.

I did not want anything touching my skin, but these bras were the next best thing. I normally wear a 34B and I needed an XL-1X in these. Whatevs.

Although I did use the Popper Stopper to contain my belly button for a while, by the end, I resorted to good ole first aid tape.

So, you're not supposed to sleep on your back while you're pregnant, and you can't sleep on your stomach for obvious reasons. The weight of a belly can really throw off your alignment while you're on your side, so I tried a ton of pregnancy pillows, including this one. None of them worked for me, and I just ended up using a regular pillow behind my back, a small one under my stomach, and another one in between my knees. There were a lot of pillows in the bed.

(A side note on maternity jeans: they're hard. Most of them stretch out and fall down, even the really pricy ones. For most of my pregnancy, I made due with one pair of Indigo Blue jeans, which kept their shape. Towards the end, even those didn't fit and I added a pair from Old Navy. I also liked the jeans from H&M, but never actually purchased a pair, so I can't vouch for their longevity.)

Moms, what else worked for you?