You guys know that I love working with Dress for Success. As a personal stylist for women who come in to receive outfits for job interviews, I get to see instantaneously the effect that a new outfit can have on your confidence. Women come in to the Dress for Success boutique dressed in sweats or jeans, often without a lot of enthusiasm. Once we find a suit that fits, along with a blouse, shoes, bag and jewelry (all provided compliments of Connections to Success), their demeanor changes completely. They smile, stand up straight, and even start to show off a bit. It's the first step towards the confidence they need to ace a job interview and start on a path to a better life.

I also love attending a good fashion show - and luckily, I can do that while supporting Dress for Success/Connections to Success. The Missouri Style Week show on Friday, August 22, benefits Connections to Success' programs.

In addition to the fashion show, you can also shop Connections to Success' Mystique Boutique. If you purchase tickets here, tickets are discounted: two for $60 (reg. $70), or two VIP tickets for $80 (reg. $100). Connections to Success is only supported if you buy through this link.

So...I'll see you there!