Last summer I became a member of a Mastermind group. If you're wondering what the hell a Mastermind group is, it's a group of people who get together regularly to support each other in achieving their goals, be they business or personal. The idea is to put our heads together instead of spinning our wheels on our problems alone. It's totally not the kind of thing that I'd normally gravitate towards, a little too pep-rally-ish for me, but it's turned out to be one of the best things in my life. We meet every week and hold each other accountable for making progress. We act as each other's sounding boards. We give each other advice from our very different perspectives. As someone working alone most of the time, this has filled the void left by my former office full of colleagues.

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Sometimes, my concerns are about clothes. At first, I was hesitant to voice them because, really, what serious person talks about clothes? Especially when there are such important things, good and bad, happening in the world. But the members of my group, while at first unfamiliar even just with the concept of a personal stylist, have become my biggest fans. They remind me that "clothes are hard". After hearing about my work for six months, they know that I'm not concerned about superficial things like brands and labels and the latest whatever. They know that I'm more concerned with making sure that clients' wardrobes are easy to manage and that they don't spend money on things they don't need. They know that my clients come to me for reassurance that it's ok to let some things go and for help on making the most of every item in their closets. They know that clothing can affect whether you have a good day or a bad day and that acknowledging this doesn't make you a bad person.

All this is to say that it's ok to think about clothes, and it's ok to need help with them. If you would hire a personal trainer to help you with fitness or take a cooking class to help with food, why not get help with what you cover your body with every day?