mindful closet sustainable wardrobe

I know I've mentioned it before, but this year I've been pretty over the perfect fashion bloggers - you know, the ones that have new outfits every post and different backgrounds for every shot and always wear heels? Luckily, I recently discovered Grechen. I love her style and her shopping tips and her sale alerts, but mostly, I just love that she's a real person. Today, she had a great post about how to make your closet more sustainable, but she's also open about her love for shopping. She has bad outfit days, and she puts them out there for us to see and know that we're not alone. She doesn't have a perfect capsule wardrobe, but she has an entire blog series called The Minimal Closet. Oh yeah, and she just runs outside to take outfit photos, like yours truly ;) Check her out for some great weekend reading!