So, I get asked a lot of questions by clients. Some are about tailoring, some are about laundering, some are about brands. By far, the question that I get asked most often is how to wear ankle boots. I know, it surprises me too, but I guess the whole where-should-your-pants-hit-and-what-socks-to-wear issue is a pressing one.
So here's the quick and dirty answer. 

Your pants should hit right above your ankle boots. Any longer and you get that awkward bunching and scrunching. Conveniently, the hem length I like for my jeans when wearing flats (just above the ankle) is also the perfect length for wearing with ankle boots, but you don't have to have your pants hemmed to this length. My favorite trick is to cuff under or over. When in doubt, leggings always work.

how to wear ankle boots

Here are a few of my favorite ankle boot looks. (I clearly wore those taupe booties to death, and just replaced them with these.) If you're still not convinced, just search ankle boot outfits on Pinterest.
See, all cuffed or hemmed just above the boot!

As for socks, I recommend these. They are more substantial than the tiny footies that slip off your toes, but still don't show. They also have a silicone pad at the heel to keep them from slipping off the back of your foot. 

Do you have any tips to add?

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