I’m always feeling like I should be reading more and surfing the internet less, but as I looked back over my Kindle account, I’m surprised by how many books I got through since January. For the most part, I read in bed for an hour or so before falling asleep, and I do try and make an effort to read during the day when I need a break. That doesn’t always happen and often I just cycle through my social media feeds: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Feedly (yes, in that order).

mindful closet: books i've read recently

Here are a few of the books that I really enjoyed:

I’ve recently become really obsessed about the topic of how mothers fit any sort of work into their lives with young children. Both areas can be all consuming, and it’s hard to feel as though you’re not measuring up in either. I’ve been searching out examples (not advice) from women and seeing how different people in different situations try to carve out a lifestyle that works for them.

The Rosie Project
Sometimes you don't want to better yourself, you just want something funny and entertaining. This is perfect. 

Year of Living Danishly
Did you know that Danes get free education and in fact, charging tuition at any school is illegal? That most people finish their workdays at 3 or 4pm and working after hours is frowned upon? Of course, it’s also cold and dark for 6 months a year. I was fascinated by this book about the ways in which society in Denmark is geared towards general wellbeing. 

Chasing Slow
I was expecting this to be a “how-to” about slowing down, but it was more of a confessional of how the author hasn’t yet (and is likely not to) achieved slowness, despite her curated public persona.

No Bad Kids
We’ve had a nice couple of months with our almost three year old (knock on wood!), but I’m going to be honest, the time between 15 months and 33-ish months was rough. I like Janet Lansbury and her philosophy on positive parenting and this book has been a resource I’ve returned to multiple times.

A multi-generational story about a blended family and a few actions that affected the directions of all of their lives. I love novels that give you a glimpse of how the characters turned out as grown-ups.

Swing Time
I love Zadie Smith.

An unbelievable (although based on truth) story about twins who were part of experiments in concentration camps. Not a light read.

Today Will be Different
I liked Where’d You Go, Bernadette, but I think this book is even better.

Except for Swing Time, which I bought on Kindle as a treat to myself (for what, I can't remember!), I requested all the others from the library. A few others I enjoyed, but couldn’t fit into my 9-square graphic ;)
The Mothers, Wangs Vs. the World, Miss Jane, Another Brooklyn, Here I Am... (edit: I JUST finished Exit West by Mohsin Hamid and it was amazing.)

Books that were recommended but that I didn’t enjoy and therefore didn’t finish (life’s too short): Pond, Version Control, Big Magic, Love Warrior, Dimestore: A Writer’s Life, All the Light We Cannot See...

What have you read lately?