It's time that I came clean - I have an addiction to clutches. Even though I rarely use them, I can't stop buying them. I know, I know, it goes against all my rules. I call it "collecting". Last Sunday, I found myself with some free time and decided that I needed to look at handmade handbags on Etsy. After a frenzy of pinning to my wish list board on Pinterest, I finally came to and realized that I do not need any more clutches!  Taking these photos brought me to my senses.

All thrifted.

All thrifted, except for the snakeskin chevron, which is vintage via Etsy.

From left: vintage Carlos Falchi - thrifted, very old from Old Navy, thrifted (actually a jewelry bag), Forever 21, gift from husband via Etsy, gift from husband via Etsy.

And now you know.