I have the knees of an 80-year-old, so in the last week, comfortable footwear has sadly taken priority over vanity. I actually really liked how this outfit turned out, it looks clean and modern, but was still comfortable.

tee - h&m $5; pants - old navy $12 plus alternation; shoes - target $20; necklace - flea market $?

tee - h&m $5; pants - old navy $12 plus alternation; shoes - target $20; necklace - flea market $?

As I'm writing the sources and costs (total outfit under $50!), I'm realizing that these are all budget items, but things that are pretty classic and that I get a lot of use from. Unfortunately, I can't link to specific items, since they're all from more than a year ago. The pants are a lovely silky fabric and they were on clearance at Old Navy for $12. I liked them so much I bought a camel colored pair as well and had them both hemmed to different lengths - one for heels, one for more low heels (this pair).


This necklace is one of my favorite possessions. It's wood with metal plating on top and wooden beads. I found it at a flea market (the Gypsy Caravan, run by the St. Louis Symphony Volunteer Association on Memorial Day weekend - if you're in St. Louis, you have to go!). You might have noticed that I wear it constantly (see here), I just feel that it gives a simple outfit an arty vibe.


I had just gotten my hair cut when I took these photos - Ashley at Hair Theatre is a genius, if you're in St. Louis, let me know if you'd like her info.


UPDATE: here are a few more photos of Ashley's hair magic. The image on the left below is my inspiration pic I brought her and the image on the right is my hair after she was done. The one below them is the most recent time I got my hair cut.

photo 1.JPG