I. did. so. much. shopping. this. month. Out of the (probably) hundreds of items I tried on, here's what I kept:

1. Zara faux leather and knit top ($25) - this top won't be making its debut until cooler weather arrives, but it's a great way to try the leather trend without dropping tons of money. I'm trying to skew my wardrobe a little edgier and this will help.

2. Forever 21 striped tee ($13) - I wear striped tees so much that I'm constantly replacing them. It's something I'm not sure would last me longer if I bought a higher quality - any thoughts?

3. Ann Taylor LOFT summerwashed tanks (2@ $7 each) - these have a nice, not-too-close to the body cut.

4. Trouve tank at Nordstrom ($35) - I'm obsessed with any kind of snakeskin print, I love the green, it'll look great with all my black, and is a good layering piece. It was originally $58 when I bought it, but Nordstrom did a price adjustment for me when it went on sale less than a week later. 

5. Paige Verdugo ankle zip jeans at Nordstrom Rack ($60) - in the winter, my daily uniform usually consists of black skinny jeans and boots, and the pair I had from Old Navy were getting so worn out I was embarrassed to wear them in public. I have a feeling these will last much longer, and they were a great deal, since they retail for $179.

6. Zara dress ($40) - Zara was having a huge sale this month and I took advantage. I've felt lately when reaching for a LBD that most of mine are casual knits and getting a little worn. For going out at night, this one is on the dressier side, and I'd been eyeing it for a while.

7. Vince blouse ($179) - definitely my quality item splurge for the month. I've been obsessed with Vince clothing for a while and know that prices don't get much lower, so I grabbed this one while it was on sale at the Nordstrom anniversary sale. Although it was expensive, it's silk, versatile, and timeless. And I love how it makes me feel when I'm wearing it.

Two things not pictured: Rack+Clutch black and white patterned shorts ($20) - I'd been meaning to check out Rack+Clutch's awesome fashion truck for the longest time, and finally made it. The day I bought these was so hot, and these are so easy and comfortable in addition to the cool print; and H&M printed skirt ($5) - another item that is really more for my fall wardrobe, on clearance at H&M. Probably not the most mindful purchase, but I was feeling the need to break up all that black with a print.

Grand total: $391. I actually don't feel too bad about this. My monthly clothing budget is $200 and I had $400 more in gift money that I was willing to spend this month. Also, I'm leaving my full time job to focus full-time on my personal styling business (if you're in St. Louis, hit me up!) and it's important that I have what I need for many new and different work situations.

Do you have a monthly clothing budget? How did you do this month?

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