I'll never understand why wearing something more than once is considered a faux pas. Maybe retailers came up with that one to boost sales? It's so shocking that anytime a celebrity wears something more than once, it becomes a news story, most recently, when Kate Middleton rewore a lace gown three times. Actually, maybe it's a good thing if it becomes news, since if Kate does it, you certainly can. Who needs more than one formal gown anyway (except, actually, maybe the duchess).  I talked about it a bit in this post about French women's wardrobes, but my philosophy is if you love it, wear it.

This is no Temperley lace gown, but it's my own "love it/wear it" outfit. I bought this H&M dress in November and have worn it at least 4 times since then. Not only that, but I wore it back to back for two events in two days! When something works, why not? It's comfortable and I figured it would be bump-forgiving for a while (I'm 17 weeks in this photo from a couple of weeks ago). Most importantly, I just feel really awesome and "me" in it. The first time I wore it, it felt a little dowdy length-wise, so I hemmed it a good three inches. I couldn't pull this length off without tights, so I made the stitch at the top of the hem and didn't cut the excess fabric out so that I can let it back down if I want.


I thrifted this brass necklace some time ago, but hadn't had the right chance to wear it. Even though the material is tougher, the style just always felt a little too "ladies who lunch", but I liked how it looked with the zebra print. Brass + black and white is my fave.

Do you feel comfortable rewearing things that people have already seen you in? 

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