I'm discovering that a great way to stretch your wardrobe during pregnancy is to wear top layers that are open, with a base layer of maternity-specific items below. Cardigans and jackets fall into this category. On this particular day, I was really stumped about what to wear. When that happens, I usually tell myself KISS (keep it simple stupid). I ended up in all black with a cropped trench on top. It worked and I ended up really loving this outfit!

So, as you can see, I attempted to brave the elements for these photos! Note to St. Louisans - this was NOT yesterday! I took these over New Year's when we had just a bit of snow, not 10 inches! Even still, I may have ended up with a decent shot, but here's what most of them looked like, with an eventual dash for shelter...

...where we resumed regularly scheduled programming. I love this outfit with and without the scarf. As you can see, I could be 3 months or 9 months pregnant underneath that jacket, but the vacuum of solid black hides it all ;)

(H&M cropped trench, Old Navy maternity teePaige Verdugo Ankle Zip jean, and Nine West suede knee high boots, thrifted scarf)

Other bloggers out there - do you take your pics outside? How do you do it???

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