Unlike in past jobs, now there's only one thing that keeps me up at night. And that's whether stores will have the items my clients need. I can find almost anything online, but when you need things within a few hours at one physical location, I always get anxious until I get in there and start finding pieces. I don't have control over what’s there. Almost always, my fears are unfounded and I find what we need. Except for last week, when I didn’t. Come on stores, where are the fun printed three-quarter sleeve poly blend blouses for my active chiropractor mom client? 

saint louis personal stylist - mindful basics

I was feeling terrible, but in the end, we did find the perfect dark high-waisted denim (on sale now for a great price!), the perfect long-sleeved white tee, and the perfect go over anything jacket. Not too bad and then we’ll both keep our eyes out for that blouse.  (this post contains affiliate links)

mindful shopping basics - st. louis personal stylist