I haven’t been shy about sharing when things get hard in this business/motherhood thing. About a year ago, I launched the Making Space online course. I had worked on it for a year prior to that in the limited time I had during 3-day-a-week preschool (naps were long gone by that time). The idea was that I would make something that people anywhere could access, at a lower cost than my one-on-one fees and I would be able to work fewer hours and still earn money (in business terms, this is called scaling. Usually people want to scale to make a ton more money, but generally time is worth more to me. But hey, money’s good too). I knew it was really good and I dreamed of the millions (ok, thousands) I was going to make. 

(not a failure: my amazing family) photo: Celeste Boyer

(not a failure: my amazing family) photo: Celeste Boyer

The first round of the course was great. There were about 20 people in the group (sure, I would have wanted more, but this was just the beginning, right?), everyone made huge progress in their closets, we bonded as a group supporting each other in the private Facebook group, they all loved it (seriously, read the reviews). I was super psyched. 

I did a second round of the course in the spring. Six people signed up. Whomp whomp. At this point, I was going through a tiring pregnancy and decided, with the help of a business coach, to make the course “evergreen”. For those not well-versed in internet business lingo, this means that anyone can sign up and buy the course at any time, instead of “launching” it at specific times only.

Over the summer, I spent several thousand dollars hiring experts to promote the course on Facebook and Pinterest. Guess how many people bought the course during that time? Zero. In addition, it costs about $1500 a year just to have the course hosted online (not to mention the 100+ hours and several thousand dollars it took to create it in the first place). If you’re keeping track, I haven’t made any money off of my “passive income”. 

Basically, I did all the things and invested a lot, and it wasn’t successful. Meanwhile, a steady stream of people in St. Louis continue to hire me for one-on-one, in-person closet cleanses and personal shopping. So maybe it’s just the universe telling me to stop trying to change directions and go with the flow of what’s working. 

But here’s the thing, I still think it’s a really good course. And I spent a lot of time and energy creating it. So I’m going to relaunch it as a live course again in January. A nice cleansing after the holiday season. Maybe two people will buy it, maybe forty will. I don’t really have a lesson to teach here but just a sharing of a different experience than the success stories we usually see. And if you need help cleaning out your closet and are interested in taking the course with a supportive group of people, you can get on the presale list here

P.S. I wrote this in the notes app on my phone after nursing the four month old that’s currently sleeping in my bed and praying the light wouldn’t wake him up because I really need him to sleep. 

P.P.S. Please don’t comment with business advice! I’ve had the advice of some of the people I respect most on the internet and I’m good with that.