I wrote this post before the baby arrived. See end of post for the dress worn post-pregnancy!

The internet was responsible for my buying this dress. Via Mary's post (see below), I saw it on another blogger, and promptly went out to buy it. I really love having a casual summer dress that can be dressed up or down, and I'd worn out all of my previous striped ones, so there was a hole to be filled in my wardrobe. I can't quite believe it, but it's not a maternity dress! Fingers crossed it works post-bump.

A few links to check out:

My friend and client wrote a post about our work together on her business website, St. Louis Birth Rhythms. She specializes in music therapy for pregnancy and birth to relax couples and create positive birth experiences.

I loved Mary's take on dressing for the various stages of pregnancy (including stripes!).

Usually these articles in magazine are all fluff, but this is really great advice on analyzing your wardrobe from Real Simple.


And the dress a few weeks ago on mr. mindful closet and my first hour out
alone - for sushi, of course...

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