I think they're great! I do! Overall, it's a very positive thing that people are realizing the need for, and searching for, someone or something to help them with their clothes. It's brought the phrase “virtual personal stylist" and “virtual stylist” into the mainstream lexicon. In case you've been living under a rock for the last few years, a subscription clothing service is a website that will mail you a box of clothing at set intervals, based on a questionnaire you take, your Pinterest boards, or other preferences. You can keep some or none or all of the clothes. A lot of my friends and a few of my clients use them. For some, it'll be great, others will try it for a time and then come to me anyway.   

Here's what a box can't do: a box can't help you clean out your closet. A box can't tell you how to deal with the well-meaning gifts of mother-in-laws. A box can't tell you that you need to let go of limiting beliefs about your body and what you should or should not be wearing. A box can't take your emergency calls or texts or suggest something to wear from your closet for a specific event (a couple of weeks ago, I had a client text me that she got invited to a cocktail event last minute. She thought she should make a last minute run to Nordstrom Rack. I calmed her down and sent a few new looks I created from her digital lookbook. She didn't have to buy anything and felt great at the event.)

If you do try a subscription service for virtual styling, watch out for a few things. Box services are taking advantage of the fact that when you get something in your home, you will allow it to stay just because it's there. Be picky. Try to imagine whether you would really buy this if you were in a store yourself. Sometimes, the quality to price ratio is very off - meaning you're paying a lot for poor quality items. Keep in mind that although you're not technically paying a fee for styling, it's often built in here. Be wary of the "keep it all, pay less" discount - you will be paying some amount for items you really don't need or want that will eventually clutter your closet.  

Try it out. If it works, that's awesome! I certainly can't match the price of picking things out for you ($0). If you need more than that, get in touch, because any of the mindful closet one-on-one services can be done virtually via video calls.

What has been your experience? Have you tried a subscription clothing service?

P.S. These images are from the digital lookbook software I use where I can upload photos of items you own, create outfits in a "closet", and make recommendations of things you should add.  It's pretty sweet. 

P.P.S. Can I be snarky for juuust one minute? I really hate the Le Tote advertising slogan "Always have something new to wear". Is that really what we're aspiring to these days? A constant desire for new and exciting? Not very mindful or sustainable and a pretty bad philosophy for life - to always be looking for the next best thing.