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posts i read that i loved

posts i read that i loved

we visited laumeier  sculpture park  this weekend

we visited laumeier sculpture park this weekend

Mindy Kaling had a blog (which is now part of her larger website) called "Things I Bought That I Love", which inspired the name for this round-up of great posts last week.

Mara is looking for summer sandals too:

I'm going to track my April purchases and join up with this group - power in numbers, right?

I think it's pretty odd that leather is a trend for spring, but Anne pulled together some nice looks:

My sister has lived in Chinle, Arizona on a Navajo reservation for about three (?) years and when I visited her, I got pretty obsessed with turquoise:

Seventeenth and Irving is my new favorite blog, not least because Lauren does such a great job elaborating on the less-is-more philosophy:

Marc Jacobs is 50?