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what is this feeling?

what is this feeling?

I'm having an odd feeling this spring. The feeling is that I don't really need any new clothes. Gasp. Two years ago I was developing this business and blog and felt some pressure to step up my game, last year I was starved for new things after pregnancy, but this year, I think I'm good. Dresses, check. Lightweight tops, check. Jeans that fit, check. Three pairs of shorts - probably three too many since I rarely wear them. Feels nice.

As usual, when the sun comes out, I add some color to my customary neutrals. But don't worry, only in my jewelry - I mean, I'm still me.

mindful closet st louis personal shopper

Nothing new to see here - Zara necklace purchased last spring (here on ebay), COS top seen here, Twiggy from James Jeans and Sam Edelman boots. Plus some spring wind.

mindful closet spring wardrobe
mindful closet saint louis personal stylist

My old favorite striped trench from Ann Taylor LOFT (here's one on ebay!), old Old Navy flared jeans (yes, they're coming back, but skinnies aren't going anywhere), Forever 21 top, Franco Sarto boots. The necklace is from this etsy shop, and it's wooden beads on a knit cord, so it's pretty childproof.

mindful closet saint louis personal stylist

How's your wardrobe looking for spring? What items are on your wish list? Leave in the comments and I'll blog about them!

Have a great spring weekend!


trench coat weather

trench coat weather

Trench coat weather is my favorite weather. It's so easy, because I can wear something super simple underneath...

Good lord, look at that belly!

Good lord, look at that belly!

...and throw the jacket on top and feel completely put-together.

A little trick if you'd like to wear your trench coat open but still want a defined shape - gather it a little with the belt and tie it behind you:

Of course, tying in front always look good too.

I got this trench at Ann Taylor LOFT last season (worn here pre-pregnancy) and had to hunt it down since it was sold out online - I'm glad I did. I'm also wearing my trusty thrifted Indigo Blue maternity jeans, an H&M tee found at Avalon Exchange, and thrifted Old Navy flats. I carried the bag I've been carrying all winter, the Linea Pelle Dylan. It was my anniversary gift from my husband (don't worry, I used a promo code and got 20% off) and it's turned out to be pretty much perfect. It goes with everything, can be casual or worn to a fancy restaurant, and has room for all the crap I regularly stuff it with.

What's your favorite weather to dress for?

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purchase: ann taylor loft

I may have a problem with striped shirts as evidenced by the photo below. However, they're something I always feel good in - comfortable but not sloppy. 


While I'm visiting family, my sister and I ran out to pick up a few new items of clothing for my mom. FYI, if you're looking for a cheap but well-fitting pair of skinny jeans, there are several good options at Old Navy. We got my mom this pair and they fit her perfectly.

While we were in Ann Taylor LOFT, I saw this top. Yes, I have a lot of striped tops, but they actually do get worn out, and besides, I've gotten rid of a couple of the ones in the photo above. This one is made from a thick fabric with a bit of structure. In the store, it was on sale for $24.99, with an additional 40% off, so it came in at around $15. Not bad!