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weekend trip packing

Last weekend, I had the chance to visit both of my sisters in Atlanta. We had a great time, did lots of shopping, and ate so much good food. (If you're in Atlanta or planning to visit, we ate at Fritti, Leon's Full Service, and Two Urban Licks, and I would recommend them all) I always want to pack lightly, but especially didn't want to lug around a heavy suitcase in my current state. I traveled on a Friday morning and returned on Monday afternoon.

similar, but not all exact pieces I own

It was still chilly in both St. Louis and (less so in) Atlanta, so I took plenty of layering pieces. I would normally have taken a slightly sleeker boot, but I just wanted to be comfortable, so the Dankso booties were it (only available on eBay at this point).

What I packed:
1) lightweight cropped trench
2) draped black tee
3) leopard coat (worn on plane)
4) printed top (worn on plane, you can see the actual top I wore in this post)
5) drapey black cardigan (worn on plane)
6) white long sleeved tee
7) black leggings (worn on plane)
8) lightweight black scarf (worn on plane)
9) Converse
10) dark skinny jeans
11) Linea Pelle Dylan bag (carried on plane)
12) statement necklace (this one is Stella and Dot-no longer available, I just layered a few)
13) Dansko boots (worn on plane)

Since I wore 7 out of these 13 pieces on the plane (including the heavier pair of shoes), my bag was pretty light. Here's what I wore on the plane and to dinner out the first night:

travel plane outfit mindful closet.jpg


For a day of shopping and eating:


weekend trip packing casual outfit.jpg

That night, I changed my top and shoes and added a necklace for dinner out:

weekend trip packing night out outfit.jpg

A second day of walking around town, including, um, more shopping and eating....

packing for a weekend trip casual outfit converse.jpg

And on the flight back, I wore the exact same thing as my first travel day.

Some photos IRL:

how to pack for a weekend trip mindful closet
mindful closet - how to pack for a weekend trip
how to pack for a weekend trip

What makes this so easy is that I had two basic outfits that I could tweak a little bit for various occasions. I definitely don't think for a four day trip that you need more than that, and I felt like I could have easily gone a few more days without needing anything more. Essentially, those two outfits were a flowy top and leggings and jeans and a tee. For traveling I layered on a scarf, sweater, and coat to my top and leggings, but it also stood on its own for dinner the night I got in and activities the day I left. By just changing the top layer and my shoes, the jeans and tee worked for casual day activities and nights out as well.

What do you think - did I pack enough or too much?


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