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lucky guide: arty slick

lucky guide: arty slick

It's been a while since our last Lucky Guide to Mastering any Style  post, so let's talk about "arty slick" today.

This is what I always imagined gallery girls to dress like – avant garde, interesting design details, lots of black, chunky jewelry, and one or two pieces per outfit that is just slightly further out there than the girl next door would wear.

Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style arty slick.jpg

However, if Charlotte from SATC and Marnie from Girls are accurate, then I was all wrong and gallery girls are actually quite preppy. Either way, here are a couple of examples of the style! Click on each photo to be taken to the sources.

via  etsy  

via etsy 

This might be a good time to mention Polyvore. Did anyone play with paper dolls when you were kids? I loved them (especially all the ones from Dover) so much. I also had this toy (above - mom, remember this?) which had plates that you could switch around and make different outfits – maybe the beginnings of my styling obsession – and then make impressions over with crayons.

That’s a long way of saying that Polyvore is like playing with paper dolls for adults and it’s super fun. I’ve made all the collages for these Lucky posts with it, you can see them and others here.

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