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what i wore: wedding guest

what i wore: wedding guest

All summer, I knew that I had a wedding to go to at the end of August. For some reason, I had in my head that I needed a new dress for said wedding. What is it about special events that makes us think we need something new?  I kept my eyes out all summer for something appropriate, but nothing presented itself. A few days before the wedding, I realized that I actually already had a new dress that I hadn't even worn yet - a purchase from Zara during my birthday month shopping

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Because I'd mentally categorized this dress as just something for nights out and because I'd gotten stuck in this "I need a dress specifically for that wedding" mentality, I hadn't really paid enough attention to what I already owned that could be used for other purposes. I don't know if this is making sense, but it's all just to say that it's important to keep an open mind about everything in your closet.


However I worked my way around to the solution, I ended up happy with my outfit. The H&M metallic belt made a reappearance, as did the B. Makowsky shoes from Marshall's. In all, this outfit actually only cost about $75, not bad. I will add that this was an evening wedding in a downtown hotel - this look wouldn't have really been appropriate for an outdoor garden wedding (but I bet I have something in my closet that would be, if I just looked!) One last thought - before I had a blog, I could wear an outfit multiple times with different groups of people and no one would be the wiser - if you see this one again in person, just pretend you haven't before ;)

Have you ever realized you already had what you needed for a special occasion? 


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