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still haven't found what i'm looking for

still haven't found what i'm looking for

Unlike in past jobs, now there's only one thing that keeps me up at night. And that's whether stores will have the items my clients need. I can find almost anything online, but when you need things within a few hours at one physical location, I always get anxious until I get in there and start finding pieces. I don't have control over what’s there. Almost always, my fears are unfounded and I find what we need. Except for last week, when I didn’t. Come on stores, where are the fun printed three-quarter sleeve poly blend blouses for my active chiropractor mom client? 

saint louis personal stylist - mindful basics

I was feeling terrible, but in the end, we did find the perfect dark high-waisted denim (on sale now for a great price!), the perfect long-sleeved white tee, and the perfect go over anything jacket. Not too bad and then we’ll both keep our eyes out for that blouse.  (this post contains affiliate links)

mindful shopping basics - st. louis personal stylist

hackwith design house dress review

I wasn't going to post again so soon (two posts in a week!), but I got this Hackwith Design House basic dress that I mentioned in my last post and I've been wearing it every day since. 

It's machine washable, seasonless, fits all body types, ethically made, and super comfy. About the only thing that could make it better is pockets. Pockets make everything better. I'm telling you this because Hackwith is having a Memorial Day Sale with 20% off everything that I almost wish I had waited for, but that you can catch now. Madewell shoes on repeat.

Happy Memorial Day!

transitional dressing: postpartum

transitional dressing: postpartum

Several of my friends are getting to the postpartum oh-shit-I'm-no-longer-pregnant-but-nothing-fits stage. Well, guess what? Nothing should fit. Anyone who says differently is delusional or had a very unique experience. You just grew a human with your body! I didn't fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans until around 11 months postpartum and I'd say I'm pretty lucky. And it's not just your tummy that's different, your body is holding onto fat stores all over (this article explains why). Here's my advice (and I don't say this very often): buy new stuff. It's the only solution. You need real clothes for the size you are.

You don't have to go all out (and you probably don't have the time). Budget a small amount. As I mentioned in this post about transitional dressing, this is one time it's ok to buy clothes that are inexpensive. See this post for nursing basics and why you want to buy things that you don't care about getting ruined.

When I started looking for a few examples for this post, I got a little jealous. I honestly feel like there are better options now than there were for me last summer! At minimum, you should have 1 or 2 pairs of jeans or other bottoms, a few fun non-clingy tops, a couple of decent basic tees in neutrals to dress up with jewelry and scarves, and a couple of nursing friendly dresses. Leggings can still work when you add one of these tunics for a little polish.

Here are a few of my picks for an affordable, indestructible, nursing-friendly wardrobe. Click the arrow on the right for more. Anyone else care to share their experience or advice?

(These images are affiliate links, which generate a few cents for me when you click but don't cost anything for you)


summer uniform: white+denim

summer uniform: white+denim

After blogging about my bargain find, I thought it'd be fun to put together a few looks to show how I'd wear the white top.









Click images for sources

Click images for sources

So many different looks with such a simple piece...



I wore this over the weekend and felt both comfortable and put together.

click on photo for sources - these are not the items I own, just similar.

click on photo for sources - these are not the items I own, just similar.

All basics, plus the addition of a scarf. Easy.

A few other items of note:

If you would like some help with your wardrobe, shopping, or any other mindful closet services, hop on over to Sara's blog, Running from the Law, to see how I styled her Christmas photos and enter a giveaway for my services!

Any brides-to-be out there? I had a great time styling 12 brides, 2 grooms, and 2 bridesmaids with dresses, suits, accessories, jewelry, and shoes for the ALIVE Bride show. The show was presentation style, with three distinct looks: The Rustic Wedding, The Non-Traditional Wedding, and the Traditional Wedding. You can see photos here.

I have a new favorite blog, per Lindsay's recommendation: The Veda House. Cassie is a St. Louis based graphic designer and photo stylist. I love the aesthetic of her blog and her home, as well as her honesty about the ups and downs of making a freelance career doing something you love.

Happy almost weekend, y'all!

october budget and maternity basics

When I found out I was pregnant, I made a list of the basics I thought I'd need. The idea of maternity dressing is an odd thing. I know that I might not feel my best, and I believe having clothes I love and that fit can make me feel better. On the other hand, I try to buy things for the long term, and the idea of buying things I'll only wear for 5 or 6 months pains me a bit. My plan is to buy basics, use things I already have, and accessorize the hell out of them. Then I'll treat myself to a few things when I start to get the itch to change it up.


Here's my list of basics I think I'll need:

  • Skinny jeans - am looking on ebay for a deal on AG maternity skinny jeans, my favorites so far. If that doesn't pan out, will go with something from Old Navy or Gap (after all, they won't need to last for long!)
  • Leggings - purchased from Old Navy
  • Yoga pants - purchased from Old Navy
  • Dressy dress - will be able to borrow from sister
  • Cute top(s) - will buy when I start to get bored with everything else, hope to find ones that will work even after pregnancy
  • Tanks - one purchased from Old Navy
  • Tees - one purchased from Old Navy
  • Striped tee - my staple and I can't go months without one! I like this one from ASOS.
  • Coat? - would like to try to find at consignment or thrift
  • Jewelry - to keep things interesting when I get bored with my basics

Keep in mind that I work from home and don't have to get dressed up or even business casual very often, so that helps. My sister (who has two babies) recommended that I add a pair of nice black maternity pants to the list for dressy occasions. I already have chunky sweaters, long cardigans, a maxi dress, and several flowy tops that should work all the way through.

So, with all that said, here's a belated list of what I bought in October: above, maternity long sleeved tee, tank, yoga pants, leggings, and a gauze scarf (not pictured). Because of a discount code and rewards for using my gap card, the total for
these five items was $30!

october purchases.png

In addition, I bought a chunky cardigan at Zara ($60) and a necklace from Etsy ($31), for a total of $121 for the month. I actually returned the Diane von Furstenberg dress from my September purchases ($175), so I'm coming out ahead, which is great, considering all the new expenses I'm going to be running into soon!

If you're just joining us, my monthly clothing budget is $200. I think it's important to have a budget and a plan or wish list of what you need because it prevents you from making mistake purchases. Another reason is that it alleviates any guilt you may have about shopping. If something is within your budget (and especially if it's on your wish list), you don't need to feel guilty about buying it - and who doesn't want that? I started these posts because of Franziska and her Budgeting Bloggers group - here's their latest. Here are my previous months' budget posts:  September,  August, July, June, May, and April.

How are all of you doing with your spending?
Any must-have maternity items I left off of my list?

packing for summer travel

packing for summer travel

Inspired by Lauren at Seventeenth and Irving,'s packing prowess I thought I'd document what I packed for a quick trip out to California over Memorial Day weekend. We rented an amazing apartment in Laguna Beach with a view of the ocean through VRBO.

From top left: thrifted jeans, Gap maxidress, Gap trench, H&M tee, Old Navy tee, Vince leggings. (There are three things I neglected to photograph: the scarf, cardigan, and boots worn on the plane.)

Along with those base pieces, I brought these accessories and special event items. From top left: Converse, my outfit for the wedding I was attending, Need Supply necklace and Baublebar necklace, thrifted cross body bag, Longchamps tote for the airport and the beach, Target swimsuit, Jeffrey Campbell shoes bought secondhand, Dr. Scholls sandals.

From top right: the first layer of rolled clothing, my carryon bag, and the final layer.

This is what I wore out to dinner the night we got in.

And this is what I wore for a day of exploring Laguna Beach. Up next: a few photos of me actually in the clothes!