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weekend reading - bloggers with colorful style

If any of you have enjoyed reading my blog but my minimal style isn't completely your style, I wanted to suggest some great bloggers who do a great job incorporating more color.
I read them all regularly.

blair eadie at atlantic-pacific.JPG

Blair Eadie writes Atlantic-Pacific. I think of her style as a sparkly Audrey Hepburn


Franziska writes Franish, is a soon to be med student and is my inspiration for my monthly budget posts.

kendi at kendi everyday.jpg

Kendi is the originator of the 30x30 remix, runs a boutique called Bloom, and is an all around blog superstar (and a hilarious one) at Kendi Everyday.

audrey at putting me together.png

Audrey does a great job of breaking down her outfits and blogging through the process at Putting Me Together.

City in a Jar.jpg

And for some hometown love: City in a Jar! Jessica is a St. Louis blogger - how adorable is she?!

Let me know if you check these girls out and what you think!