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why i don't talk much about body types

why i don't talk much about body types

I often get asked “I have ____ body type, what should I wear?” My answer is usually “wear whatever the hell you want to wear.” That probably annoys people, and I understand if that doesn’t sound very helpful, but the truth is that what you should wear should come from you. It doesn’t have to be based on your body shape or your coloring. You don't have to wear what's "most flattering".

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An example: as you may have noticed, my favorite silhouette is the skinny on bottom/drapey on top. This look is technically best for someone with a midsection that they want to hide, a smaller bottom half and great legs. I am pear shaped, with bigger hips, bigger thighs, a bigger butt, and smaller shoulders and upper body. I’ve gotten to a place where I just say these things as statements of reality. None of it is necessarily negative, just body parts in proportion to other body parts.

Since I have a smaller top half and waist, most experts would say that my ideal silhouette is a high-waisted full skirt or dress. But you know what? That silhouette doesn’t fit my personal style. My style is not girly or retro or overly feminine and I would feel super uncomfortable wearing clothes that are. I’ve had clients with the same issues and while I could say objectively that they looked smaller in the “flattering” items, they would rather wear something slightly less flattering that felt more like them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to give you my opinion. If the color of your top is too close to your skin tone, I’m going to tell you I don’t think it’s a good idea. If you are wearing something that hits you at the exact widest part of your body, I’ll talk to you about proportion and line. But what we’ll do is figure out the look that you want FIRST, and then make it work for your body SECOND. Different body types can all work with the same kinds of looks.

When you’re wearing what you love, you exude a confidence that’s more authentic than any flattering item will give you. It took me a long time to get to this place. Hopefully I can make the process faster and easier for you! Check out "work with me" for more on how you can get help with your fall wardrobe. 

(Sign up for the mindful closet Making Space course to follow the process I use with my clients to define their style, edit their wardrobes, and move to a mindful way of shopping. )


posts i read that i loved

posts i read that i loved

Between fighting off colds, traveling, and being up at nights through bouts of teething, I've read my fair share of content on the internet recently. Here are a few articles with topics I've often thought of blogging about, but now won't have to, since they already did! Now that I've collected them here, I notice that (coincidentally?) they all deal with the issue of aging and how it relates to your closet.

on a recent shopping trip for the perfect white shirt...

on a recent shopping trip for the perfect white shirt...

I truly think that expressing your personal style is more important than wearing the *most* flattering thing. What if you have a pear shape and a fitted bodice/full skirt dress is the most flattering item you can put on your body, but you're an edgy tomboy? You will not be happy in the "flattering" item. Over on Une femme d’un certain age, Susan writes about this - here's a sample of her post: 

"When we dress in a way that’s aligned and integrated with who we are, we create a kind of harmony that comes through even if we’re not following the rules of flattery."

 On, Meghan O'Rourke writes about how she needed outside help to move on from her various past fashion personas to find a style that is "her". 

"Turns out letting go of so much at once is invigorating. It gives you permission to be the person you really are now. With their help, I found it surprisingly easy to part with not just my quirkier pieces but also the spontaneous twentysomething self who'd bought them. It was almost a relief to see her disappear, like a relationship I'd outgrown."

On the J. Crew blog, Alice Gregory helps me make my case for uniform dressing

"You save a lot of money by relinquishing trial-and-error shopping—those items you buy and never wear, try and fail to return. Gone is the mental math that goes into calculating how much you “paid per wear” for that sweater you only put on three times. And nobody thinks of a person who wears the same thing every day as unstylish."

As for books, recently I've been on  a Kate Christensen kick. Also enjoyed The Woman I Wanted to Be by Diane von Furstenberg, I'll Drink to That by Betty Halbreich, Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys by Viv Albertine, The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman, The Heavy by Dara-Lynn Weiss, and some guilty easy reading by Elin Hilderbrand.

Have you read anything great lately?

posts i read that i loved

Time for another round of posts I read that I loved (thanks again Mindy Kaling
for the title inspiration)! 

How amazing is that closet? Jen over at The Effortless Chic tapped style organizer Lisa Adams for her tips on bringing that glamourous feeling to your closet here.

Design for Mankind is an amazing blog which usually focuses on design, but Erin took some time to write about how clothing can sometimes make us feel bad, and why - here.

You know I'm kindof obsessed with simplifying and Bea over at Zero Waste Home is doing that to an extreme. We can't all reduce what we throw out to almost zilch, but we can enjoy her tips on how to wear a striped shirt (clearly another one of my obsessions) many different ways, in other words, reuse - here
(PS No Impact Man is a good documentary about the same topic.)

Lastly, I so wish I had the motivation to do this DIY via Stripes and Sequins, but alas, I know myself too well. But! This is an awesome necklace, so please, someone, make it!! 

That is all. Happy Monday!