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i'm a fraud

i'm a fraud

So, here I am, my big thing is buying quality things that you wear over and over, right? And, when I got married, instead of buying a dress that only had one use, I bought a white cocktail dress that I could wear again and again. And I love this dress. I want to wear it all the time. But when I put it on, like I did this year for our fifth anniversary dinner, it feels like too much. Too dressy or too conspicuous, or too bridal. Even though it's not. I just don't feel right in it, not like I did the day I wore it to get married in. Is it because I have it tied to a certain type of event in my mind? Is it really just too dressy for the average nice St. Louis restaurant? Not sure, but I do know that I wouldn't advise anyone else to wear something they didn't feel good in. So this year, like several other times, I've changed out of the dress and into something I felt better in. So maybe I didn't achieve the impossible, a wedding dress that can be reworn. Or maybe it just hasn't been the right time. Either way, best to go with your gut.

mindful closet rewearing your wedding dress

This is what I wore instead, almost all second hand, so at least these items are getting second lives! Dress: InWear via Crossroads Trading Company, The Limited belt (similar), Loeffler Randall bag via Scholar Shop, Nine West shoes via Buffalo Exchange (similar). Much happier. ;)

Have you ever tried to rewear something that just wouldn't work?

my cool girl outfit

my cool girl outfit

Have you ever put on something that felt like the best representation of yourself? That's how I feel when I wear this dress. To be perfectly honest, I probably didn't need it when I bought it, but I knew that it would be something that I reached for over and over. 

mindful closet saint louis personal stylist

I feel cool in it, and I honestly don't care whether anyone else agrees! It's from Banana Republic, but no longer available in stores - here's a link to the dress in white on eBay. 

Earlier this summer, after a client bought these shoes, I'd started looking for a similar style. I pinned a bunch of examples to my summer sandal search Pinterest board. 

saint louis personal stylist

(top row of Pinterest images: Nine West Breezie here, Jeffrey Campbell Lorah here, Vince Addie here, Lauren Conrad from Kohl's peep toe booties here.)

Having the style I wanted clearly defined made it easy to pull the trigger when I saw the ones I'm wearing at a great price (sorry can't find the exact style online!). 

Lastly, are you for or against expensive sunglasses? I know from first hand experience that I will inevitably dive into a lake with them on, leave them in the driver's seat and sit on them, or just plain lose any nice pair of sunglasses, so it's one thing I don't invest much in. I really like these from The Limited, and I've actually made it through the whole summer with them intact.

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