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lucky find

lucky find

Sometimes, even when you're sticking to your list of needs, you still stumble across something that you can't pass up. For me, it was this Lizzie Fortunato necklace I spotted out of the corner of my eye at Byrd. I've been a fan of her designs since I blogged about them back in 2013, but wouldn't have been able to afford a piece unless it was on consignment.

Whenever I buy something new, I always want to show it off when I first wear it, and later will get more creative with remixing it. For this necklace, I went all black, and just changed it up a bit with a pair of flared black denim.

(Forever 21 top, ooold Old Navy jeans, old Franco Sarto booties, Lizzie Fortunato necklace via Byrd Designer Consignment)

I'm looking forward to wearing more short sleeves this weekend as it warms up here in St. Louis!

What would you make an exception for if you found a great deal?


what i wore: saint louis fashion week kickoff

what i wore: saint louis fashion week kickoff

I'm in love with my new dress. It was a great find from Byrd Designer Consignment (originally $425, purchased for $90). I wore it to the Saint Louis Fashion Week Kickoff Party, which was held at the new Public Commons at the Nine Network's space in Grand Center.

st. louis personal stylist - vince graffiti print dress

It was a gorgeous night and the new space is truly awesome. with six large screens, including two on the sides of different buildings. There was a presentation by Craft Alliance's Fiber Artist in Residence, Grace Kubilius - that's her on the lower left with ALIVE's ninja event planner Jess Leitch - I want one of those necklaces!

The Fashion Blog Awards were also given out that night - check out the post I wrote for ALIVE with the winners. Over the next two weeks, there are more amazing events planned all over the city. ALIVE's Fashion Editor, Sarah Stallman, did a great roundup of all the fashion week events on her blog. Follow me on Instagram for more party pics and see the schedule and buy tickets here!

on repeat

on repeat

I posted about an outfit on repeat at exactly this same time last year, and I have another one.

And look, I actually took a photo out in public - proof that I do leave the house every once in a while ;) I'm so 2008 though, it's still really embarrassing for me (taking photos in public, not leaving the house)!

Wearing James Jeans, H&M sweater, Sutton Lasater necklace via Byrd Designer Consignment, Arassi Jewelry small triangle necklace (anniversary gift, in addition to a DVF dress!), and Bakers boots via Avalon Exchange.

Is everyone feeling super busy since fall hit or is it just me?

P.S. I finally updated the mindful closet Testimonials page - check it out!

st. louis fashion blog awards!

st. louis fashion blog awards!

Reason #1 I'm a terrible blogger - I'm just now getting around to writing about the St. Louis Fashion Blogger Awards, which were last Thursday! I was definitely really excited about this event, it's pretty cool when a bunch of people who love the same (somewhat obscure) thing get together in a room. In addition to bringing my hubby, I was able to give away two tickets on my blog, which led to my first use of Rafflecopter - I didn't screw that up, so I was happy. Three whole people entered ;) and Alyssa won the tickets, but couldn't get away for a second night out in a week (we'd had our blogger dinner on Tuesday), so my friend Ann came with us instead. 


st louis personal stylist

Reason #2 I'm a terrible blogger - I didn't take any dedicated outfit photos! I wanted to wear a faux leather top from Zara I bought over the summer and still have not had a chance to wear. However, it turns out that faux leather is extremely warm and there just wasn't enough of a chill in the air, so I went with the Parker dress I bought recently from Byrd Consignment

st louis personal shopper

All I have to show for the process is this test photo, I guess you'd call it, I took to determine whether or not I should really wear it. Yes, I do this pretty often. Sometimes it's hard to tell how something's going to look just by looking in the mirror. Side note, I often do this with personal styling clients too, they're usually surprised at how good something looks in a photo - something about distancing themselves from their image in the mirror, maybe.

dacy gillespie.png

The event was at Three Sixty in the Hilton at the Ballpark, so amazing views, food, and drink were a given. Christia DeShields, who is just about the sweetest person in the world, did a great job as MC and I finally got to meet her super-adorable husband, Kenny, who often makes appearances on her blog. In the end, I didn't win either of the awards I was nominated for, but was completely fine with it because the girls who did win those (Oh Julia Ann for best writing and Fox & Gypsy for best fashion blog) so completely and totally deserved them. To be honest, I really feel like I am still such a newcomer to this whole world. Go here to see the full list of winners. What a great way to kick off Fashion Week and all the events to come - stay tuned for more!

Join me at Fashion Week - full schedule here, buy tickets here