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when it's ok to make a cheap purchase

when it's ok to make a cheap purchase

This is my boho bump look:

mindful closet - boho maternity look

I'm wearing my new Old Navy maternity boyfriend jeans. It's been 20 years since I had a pair of distressed jeans. In high school, there was a pair of super cool denim cut-offs with holes and patches that my mom kept throwing away and I kept getting out of the trash. Maybe because of my love for those, I was willing to try the trend out again this time around. These jeans are so comfortable.

mindful closet - st. louis personal stylist

At the same time I had my little late pregnancy shopping spree, I found this Forever 21 blouse at the Goodwill. It's not a maternity top, but since it fit at that moment, it was a yes.

The sandals I'm wearing in the photos are from Old Navy, like, five years ago, no joke. Shows that a cheap purchase can be good if you really love and wear the item. It's only when you buy something thoughtlessly or only because it's cheap that it becomes a problem, since those items don't really get worn. Of course, after five years, not too many sandals are still going to  be in good shape, so I replaced them with the Target sandals above. Something that helps with both pairs is that they aren't too specifically trendy. Yes, gladiator sandals have been a trend for a while, but not having neon or glitter or other trend specific details helps them stay current longer. I love these and have worn them every day since buying them, so let's hope they're another worthwhile cheap purchase! (Another time I think it's ok to go cheap is for those truly transitional periods of life.)

Have you made any cheap purchases that turned out well in the long term?