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wardrobe updates

wardrobe updates

You were all (all three of you readers out there) waiting for me to eat my words from this post, weren't you? That's ok, I was asking for it. So, no, although I didn't need anything new for spring, I did want to make a few updates, especially in the shoe department. While I love ballet flats and they will always be a classic, I'm loving the pointy-toe-D'orsay-flat trend. 

mindful closet wardrobe updates

These are from Chinese Laundry and I picked them up at TJ Maxx. I couldn't find this exact pair online, but these are similar. Also wearing Diane Von Furstenberg "Hanky" top (various discounted options here, here, and here) and James Jeans "Twiggy" jeans. Adorable baby for display purposes only (he's wearing a lovely number from the BumGenius Elementals line).

Have you made any updates to your wardrobe recently? I have a few more
that you'll see soon enough...


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