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pretty little liars' personal style

This has been the summer of binge-watching TV series - House of Cards, Scandal, Orange is the New Black... and one that I'm not entirely proud of - Pretty Little Liars. It's a total guilty pleasure, about four high school aged girls trying to figure out who murdered their friend. Although it's mindless entertainment, it's pretty suspenseful and engaging. From a fashion perspesctive, it's fun, because costume designer Mandi Line has clearly enjoyed defining each of the four core characters' styles. 


From left, there's Emily Fields (played by Shay Mitchell), the sporty tomboy; Spencer Hastings (played by Troian Bellisario), the preppy debutante; Aria Montgomery (played by Lucy Hale), the punky artist; and Hanna Marin (played by Ashley Benson), the girly homecoming queen. I thought it would be fun to imagine what each characters' grown-up style would look like, so here goes: 


Emily's boyish style

Spencer's classic style

Aria's edgy style

Hanna's girly style


Do you watch the show? Did I get the girls' styles right? Which one are you most like? 



wardrobe staple: zara dress

wardrobe staple: zara dress

This week at work, we are involved in hosting a national conference for our field. This means lots of presentations, networking, and attending events (and posting on the blog might be a little sparse this week).

This is my go to dress for such occasions. I feel confident, attractive, and professional-but-still-feminine whenever I put it on. I almost never think about what I'll wear on days where I have to be at something formal-ish for work, like a board meeting, because I know this is in my closet. 

The dress itself was a lucky find. It's a Zara dress, but I found it at Crossroads Trading Co, a California resale chain two summers ago. I want to say it was something like $18, and it has paid for itself over and over since then! I usually wear a belt with it, this skinny one is thrifted.

Inspired by a few other fashion bloggers, I thought I'd venture out of my house to take some photos, and it was definitely awkward! But as you can see, this dress looks great even when just walking the dog!

Do you have any go-to pieces for work events?