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summer wardrobe updates

summer wardrobe updates

Oh hey there - it's an outfit post! To be honest, outfit posts don't really seem too inspiring to me these days. You've all seen most of my clothes and you know I prefer to repeat things and wear a lot of black, so there's nothing earth-shattering going on there. Even though this post is old, I just came across it, and I pretty much feel the same way. I've stopped reading most of the fashion blogs I used to read, because it's so apparent that the bloggers are wearing a new outfit every day that they didn't pay for. That not how I live, so why would I want to see an example of that? I want to see people who wear what they already own and who have to plan and budget for pretty new things. 

st. louis minimalist personal stylist

So anyway, here's a boring outfit that I happen to love. Dress I've had for several years, purchased at a consignment store. Necklace also had for years. Shoes are new and are one of my summer wardrobe updates, planned for months. I talked more about these sandals over on my cool friend Jennifer's new website hey ENNUI

I've purchased a few other things for summer, a few tops (one from The Vault, one from The Real Real, so both on consignment), and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of this dress. I'm hoping it's going to be the one I wear all summer. In addition to the one above, of course. 

Speaking of summer, we're again planning to be in Boulder for a good chunk of time. If you need some help with your summer wardrobe planning, you have a few more weeks to book something, or you'll have to hold your horses until mid-August! Go here to see available appointment times, there are only a few left in June!


to spend or save on clothes?

to spend or save on clothes?

I mentioned in my winter capsule wardrobe post that I purchased quite a few new things this winter. I really identify with my personal styling clients who have a hard time spending money on their wardrobes, because it's hard for me. There's a constant push and pull between my naturally frugal nature (thanks, mom and dad!), our family's financial goals, and my desire for a quality wardrobe. For many years, I fell into the trap of only buying bargains, regardless of whether they were items I loved and wore. Even now, I am uncomfortable spending money on my wardrobe, and am more likely to try to talk myself out of buying than into spending. Of course, intellectually, I know that I need quality items and that they often cost more. 

mindful closet - mens and womens personal styling

When discussing this with mr. mindful closet, he and I decided that it would actually make things easier for me if I had a set amount that I could (and probably should) spend per month on clothes. We decided that I can spend about $200 per month and that that money can be distributed however I like, i.e. I can spend $600 one month and then none for three months (and yes, my winter spree means I won't be buying anything for several months). For people who are very focused on fashion, this amount may not seem like enough. For others, this might seem like a lot. For me, it feels like a good balance between permission to spend without feeling frivolous. In addition, I'll add in any money I get from selling clothing that's not working for me and any store credit I've earned from using reward programs. (P.S. I did have a budget a couple of years ago, but had recently tried to stop buying altogether, which did NOT work. I still spent, but felt guilty about it. I'm definitely a moderator, not an abstainer.)

To maximize my budget, I had to get creative. I stalked items on The Real Real, a online consignment store. I followed a designer I liked on Instagram and was able to snag a sweater I'd been eyeing for 60% off at a warehouse sale they advertised via their Instagram account. Most of the items I bought were all natural fibers. I tried really hard to buy things that will last longer than their predecessors. I tried to resist things that were bargains but which won't hold up. 

Keep in mind that this is where my priorities lie. Your priority might be eating lunch out often and spending less on clothes, but I do think we all need to allocate a little money towards what we wear. As one of my new favorite frugal bloggers says, "you can afford anything, but not everything". 

Do you have a clothing budget?

(P.S. Here are a few more of my tips for buying quality over quantity at a discount, why we're "swimming in clothes", and have closets "filled with regret".)

fall capsule wardrobe review

fall capsule wardrobe review

I spent the month of December planning, organizing, and shopping for my next capsule wardrobe, but somehow never got around to blogging about it. Today, I'm at jury duty, which turns out to be the best place for me to get some work done!

First and foremost, I really do like the concept and decided to continue it, adapting it to my needs. I learned a lot from the fall version and will try to avoid making the same mistakes. One mistake I made was having too many warm weather items. Once cool weather hit, I felt like I was wearing the same sweater constantly. Even I need a little variety, and yes, I did start to get a little bored with what I had. Also, a few of the items in my fall capsule only got worn once. Some of those made it to the donation pile. Some were for special occasions, and in the future, I don't think I'll include them in the capsule.

Since I didn't have enough cool weather items, I bought a few (this layering tee, this tunic, this sweater, these jeans) towards the end and started wearing them. It would have been ridiculous to wait until January 1 to get use out of them. I'm also not going to limit myself on accessories next time - I'll be wearing necklaces and scarves with abandon. 

rick owens velvet leather jacket


Because I've focused and edited my wardrobe over time, many items got worn multiple times a week. Yes, clothes do wear out faster when you have fewer things you wear more often. I'm choosing to think of this as a positive (replacing things means I get to shop, which is my favorite activity), but it is a little frustrating when you invested so much time looking for those pieces only a few seasons ago. I knew many of these things were on their last legs, but it seems as if they've all given out at the same time. I ended up with quite a long shopping list of items to replace. One was a dressy black coat, and I "invested" (I don't think clothes are ever a real investment, but at least I could resell this easily if I wanted to) in a Rick Owens jacket from the online consignment store The Real Real (above, similar version here). I also got this Madewell purse as a Christmas gift from mr. mindful closet and I really love it - lightweight AND functional!

I'll keep working on a post about my shopping list and the full winter capsule, but I'm not stressing too much about the fact that I didn't have it ready to go on January 1. It's all a process and I'd rather buy the right things at the right time than buy something mediocre in order to have it by an arbitrary date. 

Happy New Year! 

true confessions

You have to know who you are. Over the years, I've paid notice to what I feel most comfortable and confident in, and it's not bright colors. Some may say that I need to wear more color or that it's some sort of rule, but that's just not me. And half the western world agrees with me - if you've ever spent any significant time in Europe, you'll notice (as I did for the first time as a 16-year-old in Germany) that the most well-dressed women stick to neutrals. Recently, I had this crazy urge to wear a bright color, accented by another bright color, while almost nine months pregnant.

Top: Liz Lange for Target via Kangeroo Kids, jeans: thrifted Heidi Klum, wedges: Target, necklace: Zara

I actually think the outfit looks cute, and would look great on someone else too. I just felt not myself in it, and after we took these photos, I ended up changing into this, minus the boots. I was going by myself to a party where I didn't know many people, and I was all the more glad I changed into something I felt completely comfortable in.

via my  Instagram

via my Instagram

Do you guys know about Kangaroo Kids? It's where I bought the top I'm wearing here (with the special they had, it was something like $3!). It's a great children's and maternity resale store (as well as breastfeeding support center) in Rock Hill. Our childbirth class met there and I couldn't help but do a little shopping each week! They have great specials and sales going on all the time. I feel as though their maternity selection is better than several other resale shops' inventory. We also found this awesome bloom baby lounger (above). I had been coveting it but couldn't justify buying it for full price, but at Kangaroo Kids it was 75% off of the retail price!

Resale/consignment for the win once again!