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you don't have to buy anything new for fall

you don't have to buy anything new for fall

I set out to do a fall trends blog post and as I went about my research, I got bored. Really, spice tones, velvet, and menswear are all fall trends this year? Groundbreaking. #sarcasm. Rather than buy into the marketing trying to spin recurring fashions as "new trends", I thought I'd write about how you can put a new spin on classic pieces. 

photo by Celeste Boyer

photo by Celeste Boyer

1) Leather. Leather isn't going anywhere anytime soon and my leather leggings are one of the things I'm most excited to wear when the weather really turns chilly. Especially if you wear a lot of monochromatic looks, as I do, this is an easy way to bring in some texture and variation. Still loving leather moto detailing on jackets and sweaters, like this cozy one from Blank NYC.

2) Sneakers. Even though I'm not super comfortable in athletic shoes for non-athletic activities, it's becoming more and more cool to wear sneakers for day and night. I definitely appreciate the comfort factor. Last spring, I bought this pair of wedge Nike Dunks and they're my go-to for long shopping trips. I think the all black sneaker is just a little heavy visually for summer, so I gave them a rest and am excited to pull them back out. The all-white sneaker is still going strong as well. 

Images: me,  Un-fancy ,  Free People

Images: me, Un-fancy, Free People

3) Scarves. While the neck scarf was a spring trend, it's perfect to carry over into fall in locations that are just now cooling down. Think Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. I have and love this one from Madewell.

4) Boots with cropped pants. Usually we put away our cropped pants when cold temperatures hit. This fall, try keeping them out and pairing with a boot.

5) Dress over pants. What?! I know, this one's a little out there, but I've noticed this styling in lots of different retailers' images lately. I'll try it out and let you know how it goes ;)

Now, full disclaimer, I don't have to buy anything new for fall, but I probably will. ;)

What are you excited to wear for fall?

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