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style icon(s): french vogue editors

style icon(s): french vogue editors

Do you have dark skinny jeans or pants? Do you have a blazer? How about a scarf? Boots? Congrats, you have the wardrobe of a French fashion editor! It's been a while since we've had a style icon post - and this one is a really a package deal, starting with the queen bee of French fashion editors: Carine Roitfeld.

carine roitfeld.png

Carine was editor-in-chief of French Vogue until she left in 2011, when she was succeeded by her fashion director, Emanuelle Alt, below.


Alt and her team (she's most often seen with Geraldine Saglio and Capucine Safyurtlu) have a very similar style and seem to travel in a pack.

The hallmarks of the French Vogue editor style are: skinny pants (and apparently legs to match!), navy, black, neutrals, blazers and jackets, scarves, and high-heeled boots or pumps. Nothing too trendy, nothing too colorful.

What I also find interesting is that although many people attending these shows take the opportunity to dress to the nines (read: outlandishly), these women wear what appears to be a daily uniform and manage to look more chic than the rest put together. How very French of them! Apparently, not even pregnancy can keep them from their favorite silhouette!

geraldine saglio via

geraldine saglio via

A wardrobe of mostly neutrals is not for everyone, but it does make getting dressed a lot easier. I just had a conversation with a friend who had recently traveled to Europe for 10 days. She said she only brought neutrals and never worried about what to wear.

What do you think - do these French girls look boring or chic?  

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pinspiration: flare legs

pinspiration: flare legs

Sometimes you just got to change it up a bit... 

credits:; geraldine saglio-source unknown via pinterest, unknown via pinterest, American Vogue (if you know any of the unknown credits, please let me know!)

h&m blouse (in stores now), old navy jeans, nine west sandals

Highest heels are recommended for this one ;)