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mindful closet gift certificates

mindful closet gift certificates

Dear readers, I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and I'm grateful that all of you take the time out of your busy lives to stop by this site! I'm also grateful for the clients I've been lucky enough to work with this fall, from lawyers to teachers to spa owners to grad students.  It's been really gratifying to help them clear clutter from their closets, find them the perfect pieces, and refine their sense of style.

Some of you may be heading out today to brave the crowds and some of you would like to avoid Black Friday, but you all might still need gift ideas. If you know someone who could use help cleaning out instead of adding to, someone who is overwhelmed by shopping, or someone who'd just like to discover new possibilities in their closet, consider a mindful closet gift certificate.


You can read more about the services I offer here. If you're interested, just email me at!

(Holiday rate only on gift certificate purchases made on or before December 24th, 2013. Gift certificates must be used within one year.)

wardrobe staple: furla bag

wardrobe staple: furla bag

I am the luckiest girl in the world. No, seriously. I am so grateful every day for my wonderful husband. Among his many incredible qualities is his ability to buy me the perfect gifts, which as you might guess, for me often includes shoes, handbags, and jewelry.  Right now, we're apart for a month while he plays in two music festivals out west and I really miss him. It reminds me of another time we were apart, when we had first started officially dating, I want to say this was in 2005 (I should probably remember these dates, huh?). We were both playing in the New World Symphony in Miami, and he was going on a tour of Italy with a small group of musicians and the maestro. We missed each other so much. When he came back, he brought me a gift:

furla handbag treated leather st louis personal shopper

I completely wasn't expecting it, it wasn't even my birthday or anything! I'd never had a "nice" handbag before and he did such a good job picking it out. Apparently, he had the girls on the trip (Alice and Jen, remember?) help him pick it out, and even made them carry it around the Furla store, and they all thought it was so sweet that he was so concerned about getting just the right one. I love it because it's so classic, but has a really interesting look and texture because of the treatment pattern on the leather. I'll have it forever, it'll never go out of style and it'll always remind me of him. Plus, as my friend Sarah always says, because of the color it's seasonless and goes with both summer and winter wardrobes! See, I told you, lucky girl...




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