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heat advisory+notes

When it's 97 degrees and 80% humidity, wardrobe options are limited. The only thing I felt like wearing on a recent night out was the lightest-weight dress I own.


This dress was a long caftan-type thing that I thrifted. I liked the pattern, so I bought it and chopped about three feet off of the hem. The sandals and leather backpack are also thrifted - my whole outfit is thrifted, yay! I made my necklace in a metalsmithing class I took at Craft Alliance, which was really fun.

A few other items of note:

I'm now a contributor to the ALIVE Magazine Style Notes blog! Check out my articles here (there's only one at the moment, but there will be more soon).

I'll be attending Saint Louis Fashion Week again this October as one of the STLFW bloggers. Buy tickets here to come with me! Also, you can nominate me for a blogger award here.

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