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You have to know who you are. Over the years, I've paid notice to what I feel most comfortable and confident in, and it's not bright colors. Some may say that I need to wear more color or that it's some sort of rule, but that's just not me. And half the western world agrees with me - if you've ever spent any significant time in Europe, you'll notice (as I did for the first time as a 16-year-old in Germany) that the most well-dressed women stick to neutrals. Recently, I had this crazy urge to wear a bright color, accented by another bright color, while almost nine months pregnant.

Top: Liz Lange for Target via Kangeroo Kids, jeans: thrifted Heidi Klum, wedges: Target, necklace: Zara

I actually think the outfit looks cute, and would look great on someone else too. I just felt not myself in it, and after we took these photos, I ended up changing into this, minus the boots. I was going by myself to a party where I didn't know many people, and I was all the more glad I changed into something I felt completely comfortable in.

via my  Instagram

via my Instagram

Do you guys know about Kangaroo Kids? It's where I bought the top I'm wearing here (with the special they had, it was something like $3!). It's a great children's and maternity resale store (as well as breastfeeding support center) in Rock Hill. Our childbirth class met there and I couldn't help but do a little shopping each week! They have great specials and sales going on all the time. I feel as though their maternity selection is better than several other resale shops' inventory. We also found this awesome bloom baby lounger (above). I had been coveting it but couldn't justify buying it for full price, but at Kangaroo Kids it was 75% off of the retail price!

Resale/consignment for the win once again!